Our Stories

The adventurers share their stories of how the made the decision to climb Kilimanjaro and raise funds for the PCRF basically answering the questions: Why do you want to come on this trip and what does this trip mean to you?

Story of Ghalia Farzat

I believe when we are called to do something, it just happens and we find an inner drive to do it regardless of the circumstances. Two years ago after coming back from a volunteer trip to Indonesia, I was talking to the organizer of the trip and he said that his next project for the organization that he works with is to organize a Kilimanjaro Climb. At that time, I honestly did not know where that was. Days, weeks and months passed and we each got busy with our own lives. The following year, and after coming back from my volunteer trip to Nepal, Mount Kilimanjaro came into my life again but this time through the late wife of Omar Samra and her Marwa Fayad Toy Run. I got introduced to this sweet soul of Marwa who was a new inspiration for me to venture to Mount Kilimanjaro. That is when I got really curious and starting googling Kilimanjaro and that is when I learned about the tour company Wild Guanabana and started contacting them about my future climb. This was in September of 2013. They suggested to me that their next trip was in December of 2013 but I had already arranged plans to for a trip to the US, South and Central America so that wasn’t going to work. But I stayed in contact with them and I suggested October 2014 as a target date as my birthday falls in the first week of October. Later on and while chatting with a friend on Whatsapp, I threw out the idea to her in a very detailed way, I said: “hey I have a crazy idea, do you want to join me?” And her answer was “Yes probably”! And that is how we became a team of two! Then she told her friend and we became three. During Ramadan and as we are organizing our trip, we decided to do it for a cause. I contacted an organization that I highly respect, the PCRF who have previously done similar trips to see if they are going to do one this year so we can join them. They said that there was not such a trip organized for this year but that if I wanted to organize one, then sure why not. So I thought the same way, sure why not! My friend and I have been working on the logistics to turn this trip from a solo trip into a group trip. We opened up registration and now we have a team of 9 from Qatar and 6 from outside Qatar.

So now, I am heading to my first vista to Africa! I am going to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. The trip will be between December 26, 2014 to January 2, 2015. As part of this trip, I am going with a group of adventurers to be fundraising for a very noble organization, the PCRF (http://pcrf.net/), a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to healing the wounds of war, occupation and poverty for children in the Middle East, regardless of their nationality, religion, race or gender. I am very much looking forward for this trip that I basically cannot wait for 2014 to finish (even though I like 2014 so far) so that I can start 2015 on top of Africa!

My life took a turn a couple of years ago. I started re-evaluating things. As a solo trip, this was going to mark a milestone for me by celebrating my birthday on top of Kilimanjaro! This trip now means a whole lot more now that I am doing it with a crowd of adventurers who have united for a common cause. We will all be starting a new year together full of life and giving as we will have reached our goal of fundraising for the innocent children that need medical help. In other words, this trip somehow summarizes my purpose ! I am very much looking forward to it.

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Story of Amina Ahmadi

Beginning of 2014 I received a text message from my dear friend Ghalia saying: “I have a crazy idea, do you want to join me?” I actually laughed and kind of agreed without knowing that the crazy idea involved climbing Kilimanjaro!

The thought that I could climb a mountain, and not any mountain, but the highest in Africa! was an incredibly empowering one which brought much positive change in my life. I guess we never know our limits until we start challenging ourselves. Thinking that I could actually go to the very top of Africa, made me question what other extremes I can go for, what else have I never imagined but can actually consider and do…

Soon after, I started discussing the idea with my dear friend Haya, who immediately got excited about it too, and we all realized that the team power can be far more powerful and exciting. To motivate an even larger team, a genuine and great cause was needed. Planning our climb in support of PCRF was perfect given the noble and crucial work they do.

Traveling has been such a humbling experience to me in recent years, the more I see of this world, be it cities, cultures or nature, the more humbled and connected I feel. I am thrilled to be planning this trip, for both climbing the mountain, and all the fundraising activities we are creating, and I’m eager to continue exploring the unimagined, that’s yet to come my way!

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Story of Haya Al-Ghanim

I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it boils down to mountain, good company, awesome trip and a great cause. What not to like?!

2014… what a year! It’s only fair to end it in style. I’ll be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to summit on New Year. I’m lucky to be part of an incredible group determined to summit for a noble cause. We’re raising funds for humanitarian and medical relief for children in the Middle East and counting on your generous donation. The amount you gift goes directly to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) to treat and positively impact the lives of sick children.    

This Kilimanjaro adventure was nowhere on my radar until mid 2014. When my friend Amina brought it up, it got me reflecting on the past few months and how eventful this year has been. Though it doesn’t do it justice, I’ll attempt to summarize 2014 in two main themes:

1- Personal growth 

2- Challenges & adventures.

I’m grateful for my family, friends, mentors, professors and colleagues who made a huge impact in my personal growth this year. Some taught me openness and others taught me patience. Many inspired me, too. It got me thinking: what have I done to positively impact others’ lives? I believe climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for PCRF is a great way to achieve such impact and thank everyone who has been part of my growth.

Challenges and adventures were also distinct themes of 2014. I earned my MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management along with an amazing cohort, managed the MIT $100K, picked up running, finished three races, picked up cycling and the list goes on.. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a year full of adventures than to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I welcome you to be part of this journey.

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Story of Shaima Al Tamimi

To me, this trip is so much more than just raising money. It is about getting out of my comfort zone and putting my mental and physical abilities to the test. You see, I will be turning 30 during this trip and I want to celebrate this milestone by giving something back in my own little way. I am healthy enough to take on such a challenge and fundraising to heal children back to health is the gift I want us to give.

Please join me in making this milestone meaningful and memorable. You are more than welcome to donate whatever amount you are comfortable with and thank you in advance for playing an active part in giving children access to medical facilties that they otherwise couldn’t afford. Do spread the word, and follow our hashtags #Climb4pcrf to know more about how we train and prepare for the climb.

Want to support me and contribute to medical treatment of a child? Click Here


Story of Haneen AlOraidi

I love adventure, I love volunteering, I love cultures, I love chocolate cakes, I love fashion and I love PCRF 🙂

When Ghalia told me about the trip to Kilimanjaro, I did not need to think twice and I said: yes, I’m in (then I realized how much it costs …OUCH!)  but hey, it’s the Palestinian and Syrian kids who we are doing this for and this is the least we can do. My dad was the first supporter and of course I had to go through negotiations with my mama, which were actually harder than global peace negotiations! O_O

Knowing that I’m determined, mama ended up supporting me with her $15, in addition to 11 donations of $15 in the memory of 11 of her late family members…YAAY

Why $15?

  • I want people to know that big things can be achieved from very small ones.
  • It’s not the amount that matters; it’s the gesture and the sustainability of the contribution.
  • I want to use my network power (and my network’s network) to find 1,000 persons who are willing to do so before I climb Kilimanjaro, and… BOOM the PCRF has the $15,000 in its account.

So I would be very grateful if you contribute with $15 and tell 10 of your friends about PCRF www.pcrf.net and the $15 campaign, if you are willing to contribute with another $15 , please do so in the memory of your loved ones (like my mama did) or to the campaign of one of my friends who are on this climb as this is also a team work for all of us.

Who I am?

Here are some quick, random facts about me:

  • I’m so “GOing GREEN” (my way): I love to wear GREEN, eat GREEN, drink GREEN ”tea” and ride GREEN “my car” !
  • I’ve taken some strange decisions in my life; I’ve never thought I would ever do it. The greatest of which is “Never Look Back” except to learn the lesson.
  • Indian actresses make me feel so helpless and out of hope. Unbelievable beauty!!
  • Fairouz is all what I need to hear, to clean my ears from today’s acoustic pollution, the so called “ Singing”!
  • If you ever thought that I’m being harsh when I talk, then DON’T, I’m just not good in Graph-Designing my speech.
  • Truth, is the only thing I‘ll always want to see “NAKED”
  • Chocolate cake is my endless LOVE, and when I say cake I mean the spongy structure, people, not the cream, fruit, pudding, syrup, biscuits and other strange stuff tucked into it!
  • Two of the greatest stress relief things I do are: Taekwondo and Potato Chips Crushing !!
  • One day, I’m so gonna go to South Africa and stay in a wooden hostel in the middle of the WILD, when that happens, you should know that the next thing I’ll do is running in the Green Fields of North India with my SARI on!
  •  I wore Hijab to cover my HEAD not my BRAIN, feeling sorry for those who don’t realize it.
  • I’m not a big fan of smug and double face people.
  • I love “Sunrise”.
  • When I visit other countries, I don’t stay/spend my time at 5-star hotels, I always rather to get to the town and experience: how people actually live there.
  • I’m bad in returning calls, emails, FB posts and anything that has any connection to “Modern Technology”, I don’t understand why did we gave up on doves?
  • Sometimes I literally reach my deepest humanitarian depression and it’s amazing how every time I discover that I was still at the TOP!
  • Be slow in choosing a friend, and be slower in loosing one.
  • GARFIELD – the cat- is my life coach, he is just super cool and doesn’t’t give a dam and I love him for that.
  • The greatest gift that anyone can give is to be there for the people who needs him/her and get their backs, even if they don’t know it.
  • I left the job that I’ve been doing for 11 years and joined another that I’m passionate about.
  •  My dream that will come true is to: Live in Palestine and invite my friends over to have lunch in Jenin, Knaffeh in Nablus, have a walk on Haifa beach, pray the “Maghreb” at al Quds and spend the evening with another friend o in Rammallah 🙂 Long Live Palestine

I’m climbing Kilimanjaro to challenge myself physically and mentally and for the kids who will be benefiting at the end .

Want to support me and contribute to medical treatment of a child? Click Here


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